Cooling services

Kempston Radiators has over 50 years experience in the radiator industry and specialises in all aspects of cooling services. Not only can we cover car and commercial vehicles but also industrial heat transfer solutions as well.


The Radiator is situated at the front of the vehicle and is essential for the cooling of the combustion engine. Kempston Radiators stocks and supplies radiators for cars, vans, HGVs, agricultural vehicles and plant machinery and our knowledgeable staff can source the radiator you require from the vehicles registration using a VRM system.

A/C Condensers

The function of the condenser is to change gas to liquid expelling heat from the vehicle, they are positioned at the front of the vehicle but this makes them prone to damage from impact, corrosion and the elements, causing it to leak and lose refrigerant. Condenser failure is typically the most frequent cause of an air conditioning problem.

A/C Compressors

The compressor is the driving force of the air conditioning system and is also known as the air conditioning pump, it is a vital part of the system and is mounted within the engine compartment. We can supply brand new original equipment and aftermarket Air-con compressors for cars, vans, HGV’s, agricultural vehicles and plant machinery.


The heater is positioned behind the dashboard and is part of the climate control inside the vehicle. The heating system is linked directly to the engine cooling system and it is therefore important to get your vehicle checked if a problem occurs or you experience problems with your blowers and vents.


An intercooler is another name for a heat exchanger and is used to cool air to the engine that has been compressed by either a super charger or turbo charger. The heating system is linked directly to the engine cooling system and it is therefore important to get your vehicle checked if a problem occurs.

Radiator Repairs

Kempston Radiators has over 50 years’ experience in the repair of Radiators, Heaters, Oil coolers and Intercoolers for cars, trucks, buses and plant machinery. We also have the capabilities to fabricate new units when your old unit is beyond repair. All work is carried out on site by our highly experienced team.

Car and Commercial Fuel Tank Repairs

All fuel tank repairs are carried out in house in our fully equipped workshop, from bead blasting, welding, soldering and if required lining of the tank. We also have the capabilities to repair or overhaul motorbike and classic car fuel tanks including welding to the seams or the complete fabrication of side or end panels.

Vintage Radiator Repairs and Rebuilds

With over 50 years of experience in repairs and rebuilds, Kempston Radiators can repair your vintage vehicle radiator to its original specification. We are able to carry out complete rebuilds and have the ability to match to the original core. This can be from a simple repair to a complete strip down including the fabrication of replacement components.

Industrial / Generator Radiators

Because our staff have been employed in the Heat Transfer Industry for the last 30 years it allows us to provide expert solutions to all heat transfer issues. We carry out repairs to all types of thermal units from steam and water to chiller units. Repairs are carried out in our workshop or on site (subject to accessibility) and at a time to suit the client.

Hydraulic Hoses

Our Hydraulic department has over 10 years’ experience in hydraulic hoses. Kempston Radiators can offer an extensive range of fittings and a while you wait counter service including hoses made to the customers specification. Hydraulic hoses are flexible, with seamless precision pipes and are specifically manufactured for hydraulics.

Silicone Hoses

These hoses are of multi layered reinforced construction and can replace old rubber hoses. They are also suitable for multi-purpose use on most vehicles.
Reinforcement is from four to five ply’s of medium duty knitted polyester fabric depending on the chosen diameter and expected severity of service conditions.

Kempston Radiators is Bedfordshire’s leading specialist for vehicle garage and cooling services.

Our experienced team provides cooling services as well as vehicle maintenance and repair work on all makes and models of vehicles. In addition, we also guarantee first class service at affordable prices.

Because we cater for both cooling and garage services you really don’t need to go anywhere else!

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