Garage services

Garage Services

Kempston Radiators offers a complete range of Garage Services including maintenance and repair work for all types of vehicles.

With a comfortable waiting area, you can relax with a cup of coffee and watch TV while we work on your vehicle.

Below is a list of the types of services Kempston Radiators can offer but if you require any further advice or information please contact us on 01234 852073 and we will be happy to help.

MOT Testing

Kempston Radiators has been inspected and approved by the Government Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). All MOT tests are carried out by trained personnel who have been appointed and approved by the DVSA. Our purpose built facility includes a fully automated testing lane, and can carry out MOT’s on class 4,5 and 7 vehicles.

Vehicle Servicing

Our experienced team provide vehicle maintenance and repairs for all makes and models of vehicle. All vehicle servicing is carried out in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations, so there really is no job that is too big or too small and we would not look to carry out any extra work without your prior approval.

Number Plates

Kempston Radiators can create both 4D or standard replacement number plates. The latest 4D design technology adds the ultimate finishing touch to a registration plate and involves adding 3mm laser cut acrylic characters to the white and yellow plate. The 4D Number plates that we produce are 100% road legal and compliant to all DVLA and British standards.

Tyre Fitting

Tyres allow the transfer of load from the axle through the wheel and to the ground. Tyres provide traction and help to absorb shock.
Kempston Radiators stock a wide range of tyres for all makes of cars, vans and 4x4s designed to suit all your driving needs and all at low prices.

Wheel Alignment

Kempston Radiators wheel alignment

Wheel alignment, also referred to as 4 wheel geometry is the adjustment of the angles of the wheels to the vehicle manufacturer specifications. Learn the importance of having your wheel alignment and geometry corrected and how Kempston Radiators can help with the wheel alignment on your vehicle.


Kempston Radiators offers a comprehensive engine diagnostic service to pin point any possible issues you may be having. Whether it’s routine servicing or a specific issue our highly skilled technicians can diagnose and rectify engine faults and can offer a while you wait service.


Kempston Radiators Batteries

All of your vehicles electrical components run off a battery, If your battery is not working properly you may begin to experience issues from an engine warning light to not being able to start the vehicle at all.
Kempston Radiators can fit your replacement battery while you wait with the option of a 1, 3 or 5 year warranty available.

Cooling Systems

Vehicle cooling systems help keep important components of the vehicle cool during use. Problems with the cooling system can be extremely harmful to the vehicle engine. Kempston Radiators specialises in cooling services not only for standard vehicles, but also vintage radiators and industrial / generator repairs.


The clutch allows your vehicles gears to engage and disengage, releasing power from the engine. The modern clutch has four main components: the pressure plate, the clutch cover, the friction plate and the flywheel.
Kempston Radiators only fit original equipment specification parts so you can always be sure a quality brand is being fitted to your vehicle.


Kempston Brakes

Keeping your vehicle breaking system in good condition is imperative for vehicle safety. Kempston Radiators can carry out brake test reports so you know exactly how well your brakes are performing. Whether it is Brake pads, discs or calipers you need we can provide quality replacements. When it comes to brakes, Kempston Radiators has you covered.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning allows you to maintain the interior of your vehicle to a specified temperature. Your air conditioning system will require regular servicing and re-gassing. As Bedfordshire’s leading specialists in all aspects of vehicle air Conditioning, Kempston Radiators has all the latest equipment for regular servicing and fault diagnostics.

DPF Cleaning

Kempston Radiators DPF filter, DPF cleaning

All diesel cars manufactured after 2009, are fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). These filters are designed to reduce the output of soot the exhaust creates in Diesel engines, however over time the DPF can become clogged and may need cleaning. Kempston Radiators specialise in DPF cleaning for all commercials, coaches and Heavy plant machines.

Kempston Radiators is Bedfordshire’s leading specialist for vehicle cooling services. If you require garage or cooling services in Bedford, Kempston Radiators can offer cutting-edge technology and state of the art facilities for all service, maintenance and repair work.

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