Wheel Alignment

Kempston Radiators Vehicle wheel alignment

Why have your wheel alignment and geometry corrected by us?

1* Our Alignment centre is a state of the art Hunter Imaging System.
We can therefore perform a full 4 wheel alignment check on your vehicle. This allows us to make incredibly accurate adjustments to your vehicles geometry which includes adjustments to the Camber, Castor and Toe.

2* Reduced tyre wear over the years. A properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to the life of a tyre.

3* Improved handling. Accurate geomertry and alignment can correct and improve handling issues . For example If your vehicle pulls to one side, the steering wheel is off centre or you have to correct the steering wheel to keep your car travelling straight ahead. It will also ensure road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride.

4* Safer driving- Our alignment procedures include checking your suspension and this allows us to spot worn parts before they cause costly problems.

Kempston Radiators is Bedfordshire’s leading specialist for vehicle cooling services. If you require garage services in Bedford, Kempston Radiators can offer cutting-edge technology and state of the art facilities. This allows us to cater for all vehicle service, maintenance and repair work.

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