Kempston Radiators vehicle Brakes and breaking system

Brakes are designed to keep us safe. They allow us to come to a slow controlled stop, or short sudden halt when needed. Come rain or shine your brakes must always perform. So worn or faulty brakes can literally make the difference between life and death in terms of stopping distance. It is therefore extremely important that brakes are kept in good working order.

If you start noticing a change in stopping distance, a high pitched squeal when braking, or vibrations in the steering wheel when applying the brake then it is important to get your brakes checked as soon as possible, as these are all signs of wear.

Whether it is Brake pads, discs or calipers you need, Kempston Radiators can cater for all brake replacements and diagnostics. We can also carry out a brake test report so you know exactly how your brakes are performing.

Kempston Radiators is Bedfordshire’s leading specialist for vehicle cooling services. If you require garage services in Bedford, Kempston Radiators can offer state of the art facilities and cutting-edge technologies. Allowing us to cater for all service, maintenance and repair work.

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