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What is a DPF Filter and how can you benefit from DPF Cleaning?

If you own a diesel car manufactured after 2009, your vehicle will be fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

DPF filters reduce the output of soot the exhaust creates in Diesel engines and acts as a trap to collect this soot in your exhaust to reduce carbon fumes and pollution into the environment.

Like all filters these need replacing or cleaning out regularly, this allows them to continue working and this process is called ‘regeneration’.

A warning light will normally appear on the vehicle control panel alerting you of this fault.

If a regeneration programme does not correct the fault most garages will advise a full replacement of the filter system, however we have the experience and technology to completely De-carbonise the filter and return it back to near new.

We also specialise in DPF cleaning for all commercials, coaches and heavy plant machines. This involves the cleaning of silicon carbide and active cordite filters.

If you wish to just send us the DPF for de-carbonising our turnaround time once we have the unit is 48 hours and all works carry a 12 month warranty (subject to Terms and Conditions).

Cars and light commercials from £245.00 plus VAT.

Commercials, Buses and heavy plant from £350 plus VAT.

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