Heaters are positioned behind the dashboard and is part of the climate control inside the vehicle.

The heating system is linked directly to the engine cooling system therefore it is important to get your vehicle checked if a problem occurs.

Components of the heater system include: Heater Core, Blow Motor/Fan, Heater Hoses, Heater Control Valve and the Control Panel.

Components of the cooling system that interact with the heater system include: Coolant, Thermostat, Radiator and Water Pump.

How to notice heater failure:
A. The blower / fan does not operate when switched on – this could indicate a faulty motor or an electrical fault
B. Warm air does not come out of the vents when the controls are set to hot – this could indicate a lack of coolant in the system, or a blocked heater or a control panel fault

If you have any questions or queries regarding your heater our team of highly skilled technicians would be happy to help.

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